High Triglycerides? Try These Hints!

Triglycerides can be an issue for many but there are ways to control them! Regular exercise is a necessity to lower your numbers. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Row Your Way To Fitness At Home!

Rowing has become one of my favorite workouts! You get a fullbody workout that gives both cardio and strength so you can be efficient with your time. When you look at rowers, you will see wind, water or magnetic resistance. What I love about BODYCRAFT is you get both air and magnetic resistance so youContinue reading “Row Your Way To Fitness At Home!”

Naturally Strengthen Your Brain!

I am always amazed of the relationship that good nutrition and exercise has with overall wellness. A heathy brain is no exception! Doing everything we can naturally for our health is essential. I’m sending this video to our politicians everywhere! Watch this from NATURAL CURES for more!

Ways To Improve Blood Circulation!

Good blood circulation is essential for our health. Natural aging can affect the elasticity of arteries, which can restrict flow. However, there are other causes that we can focus on the improve our blood flow! Check out the video from NATURAL HEALTH REMEDIES for more!

Workout Mistakes — Part 2

Lets dive into more specifics when it comes to workout mistakes. The reality with exercise is that you don’t have to beat yourself up but when you follow some simple rules, you will get much more out of the workout. Taking a look at cardiovascular exercise is a great place to start. Whether you areContinue reading “Workout Mistakes — Part 2”

Benefits Of Steady State Cardiovascular Workouts!

While there are many great things to get from sprinting, holding a steady pace for your cardio routine has many benefits! Remember, steady state does NOT mean easy! Check out the short video from OCTANE to find out more!

What Happens To Your Body When You QUIT Exercising?

We all know about the benefits we get when we start working out. But what happens when we stop? Many think that once they get the weight off that they want, or get their blood numbers to a certain point, they are “all better” and can quit the habits that got them there. Check thisContinue reading “What Happens To Your Body When You QUIT Exercising?”

How Sugar Affects Us Adversely.

From prematurely aging to increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, added sugar has many bad affects on our bodies! Sugar found naturally in fruits is good for us as it is in the natural state and not in extreme amounts. If you want to satisfy that sweet tooth, find some fruit or berries thatContinue reading “How Sugar Affects Us Adversely.”