Are You Trying To Lose Weight?

Losing weight can be challenging and there are many mistakes people make along the way. The biggest one I see is not doing strength exercises. Check out the video from NATURAL WAYS for more!

The RUNNING MAN With Your Lebert EQ!

Yes, the RUNNING MAN was an awesome Arnold movie from the 80’s, HOWEVER this is also a great exercise that the LEBERT EQ allows you to do anywhere! Check out this video for more and get your LEBERT EQ HERE using the code jeffbettag15 for a great discount!

Workout Mistakes — Part 3

Continuing to cover workout mistakes that are easily rectified so you can get so much more from your workout takes us to the strength portion. This area is so important for everyone but people still seem to think only bodybuilders do this. More and more are realizing the importance of this aspect of exercise, butContinue reading “Workout Mistakes — Part 3”

Fat Weighs Less Than Muscle!

You may have heard this in one form or another when it comes to your weight. This is what confuses more people who are looking to lose weight, especially when I recommend a good strength program. While the premise that a pound of muscle weighs differently than a pound of fat is wrong, it isContinue reading “Fat Weighs Less Than Muscle!”

People In Early Times Had To Be In Great Shape!

I was watching a movie set in pioneer times and I just kept thinking that these people had a hard life! And I’m sure that Hollywood didn’t scratch the surface in depicting just how tough it was. As I continued watching, one thing that kept coming to me was, just how good of shape wereContinue reading “People In Early Times Had To Be In Great Shape!”

How Do I Add Sprints To My Workout?

Sprints are probably the most effective, yet underused, aspect of cardio. Most likely the reason is that many don’t know how to implement it and may not completely understand why they are so beneficial. Lets start with how you can use these at any fitness level. Sprints can be performed by anyone as it isContinue reading “How Do I Add Sprints To My Workout?”

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