What Is Going On With Our Parks??

I love getting to the parks, taking in nature, and getting some much-needed exercise and stress reduction. It was tough back in the days of “the great pandemic” when some parks and trails were closed, as the science was settled that exercise wasn’t important to our health and immune system. This year has shown a very strange happening at many parks in the St. Louis area. It begs the question…is it a worker shortage or are they just letting the parks go? Either way, it is a shame.

I get to Forest Park a couple times a week and this year the grass, which is normally kept at a manageable height, is completely out of control (see pics). Maybe they are trying to give us the feel of what pioneer folks did as they made it across the country. Where it is partially cut, there are piles of grass that make it a challenge to get through. The shame with this park is there are so many attractions, such as The Muny, museums and golf courses that keeping it looking great was a priority. Now, I know it is early in the season, however when you get to parks on a regular basis and see how they are kept up, this stands out. And it isn’t just Forest Park as I have driven past a few to see the same thing. Could running a riding mower over grass be another casualty of the insane gas prices? Is manual labor below some who are out of work? The conspiracy theorist in me thinks there is more to this. And as we have learned, yesterdays conspiracies are tomorrows truths!

The one park I frequent that is kept immaculate, and for good reason, is Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary and Park. If it gets to the point where those who have served our country don’t have a beautiful place to rest, there will be trouble!!

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A Morning Walk Does Wonders!

We have all heard that you need to get your day started with a healthy breakfast. I would suggest before that breakfast, get out for a walk to get your day off right!

Did you know that going for a walk can boost your immune system? You would think the health leaders would be encouraging us to go for walks, or at least wouldn’t be closing the gyms and parks during a “pandemic”.

If you start your day with a walk it can help you to make better health decisions all day long!

There are many benefits to starting your day with a walk. Check out the video from BESTIE HERE!

Eat Blackberries Every Day For These Benefits!

Did you know that a serving of blackberries is only about 10? That almost seems too easy to do and get all the amazing healthy benefits! Blackberries were used for medicinal purposes and the leaves made tea. Funny how food was once considered medicine. I wonder what happened??

I had no idea that consuming blackberries can actually help with healthy teeth and gums. And people with gum disease have a 25% increase risk of heart attack. There are many more reasons to have blackberries!

Check out the video from BESTIE HERE!

Worst Drinks That Dissolve Tooth Enamel!

While our tooth enamel is very tough, what we drink can have a detrimental effect over years. The more acidic the liquid, the more damage can be done. While there are things you can do, such as rinse your mouth after drinking acidic drinks, there are some you should avoid.

Check out the video from DR ERIC BERG DC for more!

So Many Health Benefits Of Coffee!

As a coffee lover, it is always great to find there are health benefits to drinking it! Although I drink more than DR ERIC BERG recommends, I do drink it black, so I have that going for me.

Coffee has the ability to lower the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as it protects against oxidation of the neurons.

Coffee can also prevent the risk of gall stones! Remember, the less you add to your coffee the better.

Check out the video from DR ERIC BERG DC for more!

So Many Healthy Benefits Of Coconut Milk!

I use coconut milk for many things now, especially in my smoothies as it has replaced milk for me. And no, you won’t be seeing me glue my hand to a Starbucks counter any time soon.

For me, getting away from dairy, specifically milk, was all about how it was affecting my body. I tried all the soy, oat and almond as well and none seemed to work for me.

There is a difference between coconut milk and coconut water. The water is just the liquid that is inside a coconut while the milk comes from soaking that water in the grated flesh inside.

Are you lactose intolerant? Coconut milk is a great substitute for milk. As I said earlier, I have tried them all and, for me, the others seemed to be too thick in texture. It also is full of iron as it provide 22% of your daily intake!

There are many benefits to coconut milk so check out the video from BESTIE HERE!

Lower Your Risk Of Cancer!

“It is so much easier to prevent cancer than to try to reverse cancer once you have it”

A powerful statement from DR ERIC BERG. Cancer is probably the most feared diagnosis of disease we can get. Addressing the causes of cancer is key in prevention. We know that smoking, consuming alcohol and obesity are all “causes” of certain cancers. While we know smoking can cause lung cancer, pancreatic cancer is also a byproduct of smoking. And while obesity is associated with cancer, it is more of the diet that leads to obesity that can be the root cause.

Check out the video from DR ERIC BERG DC for more!

Food Can Help Recover From Food Poisoning!

If you have ever had food poisoning you know it is a horrible experience. Vomiting, diarrhea and painful bloating can all be effects of it. Food poisoning can be mild or serious. If it is serious you may need to see a doctor.

Food can also help you recover from more mild cases! Bananas, oranges, potatoes and cinnamon are a few foods to consume to help you recover.

Check out the video from BESTIE HERE for more!

Add The Kick Of Cayenne Pepper For Your Health!

While cayenne pepper is used to add spice to our food, we also get many health benefits from it!

Cayenne pepper is a great source of vitamin A, as well as vitamin E, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, Vitamin B6 and others.

They are also a great source of powerful antioxidants that can improve the functioning of the immune system, among other things.

Check out the video from FOODS4HEALTH for more!

Have A Little Papaya Juice!

Papaya has that exotic sound AND is packed with so much nutrition. Since it contains vitamin C, papaya juice is an amazing immune system booster.

Inflammation in the body is linked to chronic disease. Papaya contains a compound called papain, which helps to reduce inflammation in the body!

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