What Are Your Unhealthy Habits?

We all have habits that aren’t healthy. Do you know yours? Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

You Don’t Have To Make All The Changes At One Time!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is the time of year the gym owners love and regular gym goers despise! 🙂 Everyone has made their NY resolution and its time to hit the gym right? I can only imagine that this year, the look at the gym will be very unique from years past. One thing IContinue reading “You Don’t Have To Make All The Changes At One Time!!”

An AMAZING Recovery Story!

These stories are incredible! This is a similar story told by Dr. Santillo when he developed Juice Plus! Plants can heal the body, the question is are you willing to make changes? Check this out from PLANT BASED SCIENCE LONDON for the whole story!

Healthy Lunch Ideas!

Bringing food to work can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your weight under control and being healthy. Teachers will also tell you the healthier the food, the better behaved kids are and they learn gooder! I mean their attention span is better! 🙂 Check this out from BESTIEContinue reading “Healthy Lunch Ideas!”

Are You Storing Your Food Correctly?

Do you find yourself throwing out the food you just bought? We tend to waste a lot of money on food as it goes bad. Part of the problem is we store it incorrectly. Check out the video from BRIGHT SIDE for tips!

Healthy Benefits Of Seamoss!

Now I admit this is an odd one to add to your diet! Seamoss is rich in vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. You can also use it topically to sooth and heal sun burn. It is also high in fiber that promotes good digestion. Check out the other reasons to add this toContinue reading “Healthy Benefits Of Seamoss!”

Sleeping Pills Are Not The Answer!

Lack of sleep affects so many of us at some point! Sleeping pills are certainly there if you feel you need them but they may not always be the right answer. Some also think a drink or two before bed is a good idea. There are many things you can do to unwind and, likeContinue reading “Sleeping Pills Are Not The Answer!”

Try Something Different—Meatless Tacos!

I’ve said it many times, I’m not vegan nor vegetarian, but trying vegan dishes can open up your meal arsenal! Some of these dishes will definitely surprise you, and some you will be disappointed in. However, you never know until you try. Check out these meatless taco alternatives from TASTY!

Keep Your Gut Healthy!

So much of our health starts with the gut! Keeping your immune system functioning properly plays a role here too. The human body is amazing in how the signals go from one thing to another. In this case it is the healthy bacteria in the gut to the immune system so that only the badContinue reading “Keep Your Gut Healthy!”

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