Workout Mistakes — Part 2

Lets dive into more specifics when it comes to workout mistakes. The reality with exercise is that you don’t have to beat yourself up but when you follow some simple rules, you will get much more out of the workout. Taking a look at cardiovascular exercise is a great place to start. Whether you are a walker outside, an elliptical user or runner, incorporating simple changes and correcting mistakes, can make a huge difference and make your gains greater!

NOT USING A HEART RATE MONITOR — If you do your cardio outside, such as jogging/walking etc, it is imperative you have a way to monitor your HR. You will be much more efficient with your workout if you get to your range and keep it there. Most of the time, when people don’t use a monitor, they are working below where they should be.

NOT UTILIZING INTERVAL TRAINING — This goes along with the HR in that you pick up your pace for a period of time and then bring it down. As you do these intervals over a period of time, you are burning more calories during that workout.

NOT SPRINTING — Sprints can go along with the interval, but it really is a step higher. Where intervals that are more challenging can go for a longer time, a true sprint is about 20-30 seconds of all out effort. People shy away because they are challenging but when you ease into them, they give your workout a HUGE boost!

BELIEVING YOU HAVE TO DO A MINIMUM OF TIME TO GET BENEFITS — I have said for a long time, the fitness industry is its own worst enemy. I still hear professionals make the claim that if you don’t do a minimum of 30 minutes cardio you aren’t doing anything. I am a firm believer in something is better than nothing. 10 minutes on the bike is much better than 10 minutes on the couch eating chips.

NOT CHANGING UP WHAT YOU ARE DOING — If you are a runner, you would benefit greatly by getting on a bike periodically. You will gain more leg strength from the bike than you ever can by running. Changes are huge! Even adding a fitness class periodically would do wonders!

THINKING ONE EXERCISE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER — We all know a runner who is in great shape, a cyclist who is in great shape, a swimmer….well you get the idea. If you do a particular exercise and challenge yourself, you will get results! One isn’t better than another, other than if you want to run a marathon, your workouts should consist of mostly running.

These are some of the mistakes I see the most. If you want more from your workout, or feel you have hit a plateau, change it up!

Until next time…

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