What Does Vitamin D Do And How Do We Get It?

You most likely have heard that Vit D is important for bone health, however it does help with heart health! Are supplements the answer here? Check this out from AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION for more!

Why Aren’t You Doing HIIT??

You have probably heard the trainers at the gym talk about HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. If you are reluctant to try it, give it a go! You will see your health gains skyrocket!! Check out the OCTANE video for more!

Natural Ways To Treat Allergies!

While spring and fall are my favorite times of the year, they are the worst if you suffer from allergies. There are many over the counter drugs to use that are effective, however they do have side effects. Check out the video for some natural ways to ward off allergies!

What Does A Healthy Diet Consist Of?

Variety in our diet is what makes it healthy! All whole food has benefits for us so eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is huge. We all have our favorites but we can’t get everything we need from just one fruit, which is one of the biggest reasons I take Juice Plus! Check out the videoContinue reading “What Does A Healthy Diet Consist Of?”

LifeSpan Pro Stretch!

Flexibility is something that most need to work on, myself included! Having an effective machine makes all the difference in the world! Check out this piece from LIFESPAN!

Benefits Of Steady State Cardiovascular Workouts!

While there are many great things to get from sprinting, holding a steady pace for your cardio routine has many benefits! Remember, steady state does NOT mean easy! Check out the short video from OCTANE to find out more!

What Happens To Your Body When You Fast?

Fasting can be a big part of your fitness/wellness! You don’t have to go days on a full fast. In fact, intermittent fasting is fairly simple when done correctly! Check out the video from NATURAL SOLUTIONS for more!

Keep That IMMUNE SYSTEM Strong!

Having a healthy immune system is more powerful than any medicine! There are many natural ways to boost your immune system, and even though I have shared most before, it is always good to refresh so we can keep doing the right thing! Check this out from BESTIE!

Signs Of High Cholesterol!

We typically find out if our cholesterol is good by a blood test. Some of the signs are subtle but if you notice them on a regular basis may want to get the test to make sure. Check this out from WAYSANDHOW for the signs!

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