Here We Go! American Heart Association Tells Us How To Be Healthy!

Yes, it is back!! And it promises to be big! According to the American Heart Association, there are 4 things to do to stay "healthy" during the flu season. I was disturbed as it really had nothing to do with staying healthy. You can check out the video here but I'll give you the points. … Continue reading Here We Go! American Heart Association Tells Us How To Be Healthy!

Why Aren’t You Doing HIIT??

You have probably heard the trainers at the gym talk about HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. If you are reluctant to try it, give it a go! You will see your health gains skyrocket!! Check out the OCTANE video for more!

LifeSpan Pro Stretch!

Flexibility is something that most need to work on, myself included! Having an effective machine makes all the difference in the world! Check out this piece from LIFESPAN!

Benefits Of Steady State Cardiovascular Workouts!

While there are many great things to get from sprinting, holding a steady pace for your cardio routine has many benefits! Remember, steady state does NOT mean easy! Check out the short video from OCTANE to find out more!

Simple Chair Exercises For Weight Loss!

A big excuse people have is they just can’t get to the gym, or afford one! Doing body weight exercises are great! And we all have a chair at home. If you don’t have a chair all of these can be modified!Check this out from NATURAL SOLUTIONS for examples!