Speed Up That Fat Burning!

When we are looking to lose weight, we are more specifically talking about losing fat. While there are no magic bullets, there are many things we can do to speed up the process. Exercise is an obvious must, but getting the rest/recovery is just as important. There are many habits outside of exercise that canContinue reading “Speed Up That Fat Burning!”

Does Standing Help With Weight Loss?

Post from MY FITNESS PAL Does Standing Burn Enough Calories to Aid Weight Loss?  BY LISA FIELDS JUNE 18, 2020 NO COMMENTS SHARE IT: Fans of standing desks say they can help you get out of your chair more throughout the day, counteracting the negative health effects of too much sitting. But when it comes to weight loss,Continue reading “Does Standing Help With Weight Loss?”

Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly!

Bees play such an important role for so many reasons, and ROYAL JELLY is another! Did you know that royal jelly can help improve cognitive function? It is rich in amino acids which is vital to brain function.So many are concerned about this today. It can also aid in our energy levels! Check out theContinue reading “Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly!”

Add Maca Root To Your Diet!

There are so many benefits of the Maca Root! It is a root that is “native to the highlands of Peru”. Maca has been show to help both men and women with various bodily functions such as fertility and brain health. It can also help with energy and better sleep. Check out the video fromContinue reading “Add Maca Root To Your Diet!”

Where Are The Comparisons To Polio Now?

Last August, I was intrigued enough by the comparison of this virus and “vaccine” to the polio virus and vaccine. In case you missed it you can read it HERE. At that time, there was, and still is, a big push for vaccines and many, myself included, were pushing back. What finally got me toContinue reading “Where Are The Comparisons To Polio Now?”

Keep Your Liver Healthy!

A healthy liver is vital as it rids the body of toxins that we take in during the day. Alcohol and processed foods can overload the liver. Doing a detox drink before bed can be most beneficial as per “traditional Chinese medicine, the liver works better between 1-3 AM”. Check out the video from NATURALContinue reading “Keep Your Liver Healthy!”

Do You Like Pizza??

Not as much as I do!!! There are many tricks you can do to make pizza healthier, especially when you are trying to be good. This doesn’t mean the alternative is going to be just like a traditional pie, but you may find something that you can do occasionally that will satisfy that craving. CheckContinue reading “Do You Like Pizza??”

Get Moving In The Morning!

Sleep gives our body the time it needs to repair and refresh. Getting the blood flowing in the morning is very important as well. You don’t have to do high intensity exercise all the time to get benefits. Simple moves to wake you up are so important to get your day going in the rightContinue reading “Get Moving In The Morning!”

We need To Focus On Prevention As Much As Screening!

Yes, detecting cancer early is important in beating it. Many times, prevention is an after-thought when it should be given as much importance. Check out the video from PAMELA POPPER!

Foods To Avoid In 2022…And Beyond!

Many of these foods you know but it is always good to have it reiterated. Then there are times we think we are doing well and reality is the opposite. Canned veggies can be high in sodium and frozen meals typically are full of preservatives. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

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