Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly!

Bees play such an important role for so many reasons, and ROYAL JELLY is another!

Did you know that royal jelly can help improve cognitive function? It is rich in amino acids which is vital to brain function.So many are concerned about this today. It can also aid in our energy levels!

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Add Maca Root To Your Diet!

There are so many benefits of the Maca Root! It is a root that is “native to the highlands of Peru”. Maca has been show to help both men and women with various bodily functions such as fertility and brain health. It can also help with energy and better sleep.

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Where Are The Comparisons To Polio Now?

Last August, I was intrigued enough by the comparison of this virus and “vaccine” to the polio virus and vaccine. In case you missed it you can read it HERE. At that time, there was, and still is, a big push for vaccines and many, myself included, were pushing back. What finally got me to look at polio was watching an interview with the worlds greatest and all-knowing doctor saying that we would still have polio today if people fought the vaccine back then the way they are today. Of course, the comparison was ridiculous but no one in the media questioned it.

There is an interesting occurrence that is taking place that brought me back to polio. A certain VP just tested positive for the virus after being vaccinated AND having a booster. Not the first time hearing this story and a certain speaker of the house had the same result a couple of weeks ago. What is fascinating is they both had the same response to this.

“I’m so glad I am vaccinated and had the booster”

Is that what a vaccine does? Doesn’t a vaccine keep you from getting sick? Did we have this same thing happen back when everyone was vaccinated for polio? Our experts compared it to polio correct? Did you just get a little bit of polio and thanked big pharma that it wasn’t full blown polio?

It is amazing what we are being fed and expected to believe, and many do! I realize the definition of vaccine has changed drastically in the last year but that doesn’t change the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of it. One thing that will never change is we have to take control of our own health. What fruits and vegetables do for our immune system will never change. What a simple walk in the sunshine will do for our physical health and mental well-being will never change. We have to do these things for ourselves.

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Keep Your Liver Healthy!

A healthy liver is vital as it rids the body of toxins that we take in during the day. Alcohol and processed foods can overload the liver. Doing a detox drink before bed can be most beneficial as per “traditional Chinese medicine, the liver works better between 1-3 AM”. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Do You Like Pizza??

Not as much as I do!!! There are many tricks you can do to make pizza healthier, especially when you are trying to be good. This doesn’t mean the alternative is going to be just like a traditional pie, but you may find something that you can do occasionally that will satisfy that craving. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Get Moving In The Morning!

Sleep gives our body the time it needs to repair and refresh. Getting the blood flowing in the morning is very important as well. You don’t have to do high intensity exercise all the time to get benefits. Simple moves to wake you up are so important to get your day going in the right direction. Some you can even do in bed! Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Foods To Avoid In 2022…And Beyond!

Many of these foods you know but it is always good to have it reiterated. Then there are times we think we are doing well and reality is the opposite. Canned veggies can be high in sodium and frozen meals typically are full of preservatives. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!