Detox Juices Can Do So Many Good Things!

Make your own at home and you control what goes in! Strengthen the immune system and help with digestion! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Is There A “Safe” Fruit For Diabetics?

For diabetics, enjoying fruit can be tricky. You have to watch for what different fruits do to your numbers. And portion size is crucial! Check out the video from FREE DIABETES to how watermelon reacts with you blood sugar!

Exercise Intensity Is Important For Many Reasons!

With any exercise, when you are just starting out you have to be simple and build a base. As, you get stronger, you have to increase the intensity for so many reasons. Shorter, more intense workouts can have greater benefits to the heart as well as increased caloric burn! Check out the video from DRContinue reading “Exercise Intensity Is Important For Many Reasons!”

Walking Everyday Does Wonders!

With social media, we see all the time the intense workouts people put themselves through. I think it is amazing some of the accomplishments that individuals have done! The reality is there are many that simply don’t want to “push to the limit”, and that is ok. Walking is something almost everyone can do andContinue reading “Walking Everyday Does Wonders!”

Is This Really Just Like Smallpox And Polio?

I have read several times from various “health experts” (one you all know) that this health crisis, and taking the vaccine, is just like polio and small pox and if we had the push back then as we do now, well, these things would not be gone. My question is, is it really the same?Continue reading “Is This Really Just Like Smallpox And Polio?”

Natural Ways To Help You Sleep!

Sleep is so very important for our health yet so many have a hard time falling asleep. Before you reach for that sleep aid, there are many things we can do naturally to get a good nights sleep. Check out the video from BESTIE for ideas!

I’m Doing This For Me, Not You!

I can’t stand all the virtue signaling that goes on. So many people hate wearing a mask but are doing it for others. That’s how much they care! And they are getting the shot to protect those around them. Enough already!! I dove into fitness at a fairly young age for pure vanity. I wasContinue reading “I’m Doing This For Me, Not You!”

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