Foods That Will Help With Blood Flow!

You have probably heard of NITRIC OXIDE, but did you know it is critical for healthy blood flow? Beets are well know that supply this nutrient however there are many other foods that also help. Check out the video from RESPIRATORY THERAPY ZONE to find out others!

How To Improve Your Heart Health!

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death among men, women and people of most racial groups in the United States? Shouldn’t we be addressing this every day in the news and with our “health care ” system? Seems to me it is a no brainer. Check out the video from BESTIE!

Exercise Intensity Is Important For Many Reasons!

With any exercise, when you are just starting out you have to be simple and build a base. As, you get stronger, you have to increase the intensity for so many reasons. Shorter, more intense workouts can have greater benefits to the heart as well as increased caloric burn! Check out the video from DR BERG DC to find out some of those.