LifeSpan Pro Stretch!

Flexibility is something that most need to work on, myself included! Having an effective machine makes all the difference in the world! Check out this piece from LIFESPAN!

Benefits Of Steady State Cardiovascular Workouts!

While there are many great things to get from sprinting, holding a steady pace for your cardio routine has many benefits! Remember, steady state does NOT mean easy! Check out the short video from OCTANE to find out more!

Get More Greens In Your Diet Without More Salads!

Of course we need more greens in our bodies to make us healthy and fight disease! Sometimes, we just don’t want a salad so what can we do?? Check out the video below for some great ideas!!

Your Body Signals When You Are Dehydrated!

What are the warning signs of dehydration? There are many different ideas as to how much water we need on a daily basis. One thing to take into consideration is how much daily activity you have. Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Have You Tried Cold Showers?

From lowering stress to helping with sore muscles, changing the water to cold can benefit greatly! This is also known as the James Bond shower, for those 007 buffs. You don’t to go full cold right away, just cooler at first and work your way there. Check out the other benefits of cold showers inContinue reading “Have You Tried Cold Showers?”

Is Bamboo A Good Source Of Silica?

Silica, a very useful nutrient, is involved with the health of skin, hair and nails, as well as bone health, especially when young! It has “been identified as a necessary, youth preserving, nutrient”! Check out the video from SUPERFOODEVOLUTION for more on this!

That’s A Wrap…For Weight Loss!!

Having some simple ideas for meals that help with weight loss is essential if you want to win the battle! Check out the video below for some great wrap ideas!

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