Cabbage Is Packed With Nutrition!

Any whole food can be eaten on a daily however it would be impossible to get everything on a daily basis! The key is to get variety and focus on some of these “superfoods”. Cabbage is one of those that has so many positive outcomes and should be incorporated into your diet. Check out the video from BESTIE to find out why!

Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Garden?

Did you know that food is normally harvested prematurely and then artificially ripened to lengthen shelf life…sounds safe right? Growing your own food gives you so much! Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

You Can Eat Healthy On A Budget, You Just Don’t WANT To!

We all have made that excuse of “I want to eat healthy, it’s just too expensive and McDonalds has the dollar menu”. As long as I have been in the fitness industry, people have been allowed to use this to explain the challenge of being healthy. With what we have experienced this past year, we need to do away with this and educate on how you can eat healthy on a budget. Most are just making the choice not to.

When we are hearing so much about the vaccine, and that is what we need to focus on to get through the pandemic, it would be nice to hear the experts give some insight on how our personal eating habits can impact our health in either a positive or negative way. This is no longer a conversation that should happen at some point. It needs to happen now!

Educating on the benefits of healthy eating has to go hand in hand with the cost of whole food compared to fast food. While an argument can be made as to why someone would do a drive-thru dinner, I won’t keep agreeing with “it just costs less”. That doesn’t fly and can easily be proven. I have started doing some short videos on this subject so check out my YouTube link for some ideas, as well as general health and wellness tips. I don’t claim to have all the answers, I try to give easy to follow ideas that can help you in your wellness journey.

What it comes down to is choices. We make choices every day as to what to eat and how to spend free time. Do you want an apple or a small bag of fries (the apple is cheaper and will make you healthier). Will you add the serving of nuts with the apple or have the small hamburger with the fries (apple and nuts are still cheaper and much healthier). The excuse for the burger and fries can be its easier when running the kids to sports practice/games or school. Let me ask you, would your kids perform better with an apple and nuts or burger and fries? Choices.

Yes, there is a virus and we have to be aware of it. Yes, there have always been viruses. Yes, we have an immune system that, when functioning properly, is an incredible first line of defense again so many diseases and illnesses. Fruits, vegetables, berries, healthy protein and keeping our weight under control all will contribute to a healthy immune system. When is the last time one of the “health experts” on TV talked about this? Why are they not talking about it?

Do what is right for you but give up the excuses.

Until next time…

Foods Can Weaken Your Immune System!

Food can do as much harm to your immune as it can help! Sugar, for example, suppresses the immune system. Sounds crazy that Duncan donuts offers a free donut for a year with proof of vaccination. Sounds like it may hinder any positive effects! Check out the video from NATURAL WAYS for more!