Octane Jumping Into The Rower Market!

The Octane Ro looks like one cool rower! I love the side handles on the bar to allow a different grip! Check it out below!

Is Bamboo A Good Source Of Silica?

Silica, a very useful nutrient, is involved with the health of skin, hair and nails, as well as bone health, especially when young! It has “been identified as a necessary, youth preserving, nutrient”! Check out the video from SUPERFOODEVOLUTION for more on this!

Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit!

Having a healthy mind is very important! We have so much going on and if you are like me, you have 50 things in your brain at once. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind, just as you would do a workout. Check out the video from NATURAL WAYS!

Are You Eating These Foods?

Food can either build you up or tear you down, both inside and out! There are many foods that people eat all the time that can make the aging process speed up. Are you eating these foods?? Check this video out from BESTIE to find out!

Natural Ways To Control DIABETES!

Diabetes is a big issue in our country. Realizing there is a HUGE difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, our diet can have a tremendous effect on how it is controlled. Try anything natural you can and you may see your medications become less and less! Check this out from Free Diabetes &Continue reading “Natural Ways To Control DIABETES!”

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