Are You Trying To Lose Weight?

Losing weight can be challenging and there are many mistakes people make along the way. The biggest one I see is not doing strength exercises. Check out the video from NATURAL WAYS for more!

What Are We Doing To Mental Wellness? Especially Youths?

We are in strange times indeed! Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and that is the way it should be as long as there is a level playing field. It does seem like some some get silenced in order to get another message out. And you can be chastised greatly for trying to getContinue reading “What Are We Doing To Mental Wellness? Especially Youths?”

Be Aware Of What Alcohol Does To Your Body!

I’m sure you have heard of the benefits of a drink a day. There is plenty of research to back that up. We need to understand the link between alcohol and disease. Always know the risk factors! Check this out from BESTIE for more!

Wear A Mask And Gloves AND Make Good Food Choices!

Easy now, this isn’t a political statement. And I am not trying to shame anyone for their choices. I simply want you to think about what is happening. I have yet to wear a mask. You can dislike me, say I’m a bad person or do whatever else you need to do. And, I’m notContinue reading “Wear A Mask And Gloves AND Make Good Food Choices!”

Do You Know The Stroke Warning Signs?

We hear this all the time that if we listen to our bodies, it will give us signals as to things going on. Do you know what warning signs your body is giving you in the case of a stroke? It is always good to educate yourself on these things. Check out the video fromContinue reading “Do You Know The Stroke Warning Signs?”

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