Think If The World Spent 19 Months Pushing A Healthy Lifestyle.

Imagine, if you will, a world that spent 19 months focusing on health and wellness. Yes, it sounds like an episode of The Twilight Zone. However, when you think about how we spent the last 19 months on unhealthy lifestyles in order to fight off a deadly virus, well, it really isn’t too crazy! IContinue reading “Think If The World Spent 19 Months Pushing A Healthy Lifestyle.”

Do Those Pull-ups Everyday!

Pull-ups are one of the most challenging exercises, however they pack amazing benefits! When attempting them, it is best to use some sort of weight assistance, or a boost to the upper position, then lowering slowly. Check out the video from BESTIE to find out what you will get from doing these!

The RUNNING MAN With Your Lebert EQ!

Yes, the RUNNING MAN was an awesome Arnold movie from the 80’s, HOWEVER this is also a great exercise that the LEBERT EQ allows you to do anywhere! Check out this video for more and get your LEBERT EQ HERE using the code jeffbettag15 for a great discount!

Get A Strong Back With LEBERT EQUALIZER!

One of the biggest challenges with body-weight exercises, IMHO, is getting the back worked in a challenging way! Pull-ups are a great exercise but, lets face it, very few can do these. I love my LEBERT EQUALIZER because I can take it anywhere AND get my back challenged! Check out the video below and getContinue reading “Get A Strong Back With LEBERT EQUALIZER!”

Simple Chair Exercises For Weight Loss!

A big excuse people have is they just can’t get to the gym, or afford one! Doing body weight exercises are great! And we all have a chair at home. If you don’t have a chair all of these can be modified!Check this out from NATURAL SOLUTIONS for examples!

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