People In Early Times Had To Be In Great Shape!

I was watching a movie set in pioneer times and I just kept thinking that these people had a hard life! And I’m sure that Hollywood didn’t scratch the surface in depicting just how tough it was.

As I continued watching, one thing that kept coming to me was, just how good of shape were these people in?? Seriously, it would be challenging to compare strength to today’s standards where you lift a set amount of weight, or run a certain distance, however I would argue that those men and women would push anyone today to tears.

Everything they did was what we consider today to be a workout. You needed to get some water? You walked to the water supply, you didn’t reach into a refrigerator and get a bottle. Wheel on the wagon broke? Fix it yourself and figure out how to prop up the wagon while the wheel is off. Now we sit in the car, dial a tow truck and that is that. And you can guarantee that the kids were pitching in to help out on that one. How about just getting from one place to another? You might have a horse and wagon, but if you didn’t you were walking. Do you want shelter?? Build it yourself. Do you want to take a boat on a lake or river? That’s great but guess where the motor is coming from? That’s right, your body! There wasn’t really anything they did on a regular basis that wasn’t some for of workout. And we complain if we don’t get a parking spot close to our destination!!

I don’t think anyone today could hold up to what our ancestors did. We workout for 45 minutes and have to make sure it is posted on Facebook for all to see! Their whole day was a workout and I’m sure there wasn’t much complaining. They just had to do it. I bet if the majority of people who are sedentary did some simple walking, which was a mode of transportation back in the day, they would make a tremendous impact on their health and would notice a huge change!

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