Fat Weighs Less Than Muscle!

You may have heard this in one form or another when it comes to your weight. This is what confuses more people who are looking to lose weight, especially when I recommend a good strength program. While the premise that a pound of muscle weighs differently than a pound of fat is wrong, it is easy to see where people get confused.

It is impossible to keep people off the scale when they are trying to get healthy. I use to tell clients to throw the scale out the window and ignore it. I have changed a bit on my thoughts about that but you have to realize what is going on with your body when your muscles get stronger.

I have had many clients looking to lose weight who become frustrated as they continue to get on the scale. They eventually make the comment that they aren’t losing weight, or it is coming off too slow. My first question is always the same…how do your clothes fit? USUALLY the answer is “oh my clothes are so much looser, almost falling off!” This is when I get to explain to them what is happening. As muscle and fat weight the same, muscle is much more dense than fat, so when the scale doesn’t make a big change, you are losing fat, which is ideal, and gaining muscle, again, ideal. Muscle is what gives that lean, healthy look. You don’t have to be muscle-bound, such as a body-builder, to have a healthy look.

Losing the fat and gaining muscle is the ultimate goal. Understanding the relationship between what the scale is showing and what your clothes tell you is vital to seeing success!

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