Workout Mistakes — Part 3

Continuing to cover workout mistakes that are easily rectified so you can get so much more from your workout takes us to the strength portion. This area is so important for everyone but people still seem to think only bodybuilders do this. More and more are realizing the importance of this aspect of exercise, but there is still work to be done. Just like with cardio, making tweaks to your strength workout can make you much more efficient and effective, getting you better results.

NOT LIFTING CHALLENGING WEIGHT — This is mostly geared toward women who see lifting weights will turn them into female bodybuilders. They think that lifting more than 5 lb weights is going to do that. What needs to be remembered is you have to lift challenging weight. The amount is different from person to person. I have always used 15 repetitions as a benchmark. If you feel at the end of the set that you could have finished 15 more, the weight is too light. Your muscles need to feel the burn!

LIFTING TOO HEAVY — Keeping things even, this is for men who want to lift as heavy as possible. Compromising form just for the amount of weight is never a good idea. While, yes, you need to challenge the muscle, doing it correctly is just as important. Trying to show off in the weight room is never a good idea.

TRAINING SMALL MUSCLE GROUPS– I’m talking to you biceps and triceps. Yes, these are important muscles, but when trying to get the most from your workout, work the big muscles first and work your way down. Working your chest muscles also works the triceps, Working the back will work biceps. The more muscles working together the more effective you will be.

I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE STARTING A STRENGTH PROGRAM — Once you realize that making your muscles stronger will burn more calories overall, you will get on that strength program. And, you won’t change the fat on your body to muscle. I have had countless clients who are skeptical, however, when they give it a go, realize what happens!

Making these simple changes to your strength program can make a huge impact on how successful you are! You don’t have to be the fittest person out there to be in good shape, and healthy!

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