Vitamins That Help Boost Your Immune System!

Did you know, if your immunity is low, bacteria and VIRUSES can attack your immune system! We have to focus on our immune system and how to keep it functioning properly! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES to find out where we can get the vitamins and minerals needed (hint, its from food!)

Ways We Can Boost Our Immune System Daily!

Can getting enough sleep help our immune system? There are many things we can do on a daily basis that actually aid this power system in our body! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Have Some Watermelon Every Day And #EatTheDamnSalad!

It close to watermelon season and I can’t wait! Did you know that watermelon can reduce your risk for some cancers AND it is delicious! Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Foods That Can Weaken The Immune System!

When we look at foods that help the immune system, it’s good to look at those that can weaken it as well! Here is a list from NATURAL WAYS that is helpful. They mention diets high in Omega 6. Remember, it is all about balance!!

What Are The Best Days To Take Your Kids To The Playground?

I was doing my normal morning walk at the park and saw the park employees spraying down the swings and other playground equipment so the kids are safe from the virus. I walked past one guy who was sitting down and doing something on his phone while two others did the work so I knewContinue reading “What Are The Best Days To Take Your Kids To The Playground?”

Companies Are Helping To Keep Employees Healthy?

When I heard this, I was hoping to hear how this company was catering healthy lunches for their employees. Lunches consisting of fruit and vegetable salads, good protein and water. I wanted to hear that they were offering incentives if they hit the gym on a daily basis, or in the case now, will reimburseContinue reading “Companies Are Helping To Keep Employees Healthy?”

Again, It’s About The Immune System!

The definition of the immune system, according to Merriam-Webster is as follows; the bodily system that protects the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by producing the immune response and that includes especially the thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, special deposits of lymphoid tissue (as in the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow), macrophages, lymphocytes includingContinue reading “Again, It’s About The Immune System!”

Lets Hear It For Naturally Strengthening Your Immune System!!

If you aren’t doing all you can to strengthen your immune system with whole food, you need to start now!! That is our first line of defense and when it is functioning properly is the most powerful defense!! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

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