Can Fasting Help With Autoimmune Diseases?

There are many facts to fasting as it can help with weight loss and health! Much can be said about allowing the body time to digest what is in the stomach so it can then focus on healing. Fasting can also give us power over the food that we eat, IMHO! Check out the videoContinue reading “Can Fasting Help With Autoimmune Diseases?”

So Many Healthy Benefits To Fasting!

There is much more to fasting than just not eating. The key to reaping true healthy benefits is to eat good food when you aren’t fasting! When properly followed, fasting is amazing! Check this out from BESTIE for more!

Fasting Has Many Health Benefits!

When I think of fasting, usually something religious comes to mind. Or it is possibly for weight loss. There are many benefits we get with the immune system when we fast. Working your way up to a 72 hour fast can be great, however it won’t be easy. Check out the video from Dr. BergContinue reading “Fasting Has Many Health Benefits!”

How Can I Be Successful With Fasting?

Fasting has become a part of the health and wellness community in a big way. I’m sure there are many out there who have been implementing some sort of fast, whether it is short term or full-blown. Intermittent fasting is something that can easily be put into a daily routine if you don’t eat afterContinue reading “How Can I Be Successful With Fasting?”

What Happens To Your Body When You Fast?

Fasting can be a big part of your fitness/wellness! You don’t have to go days on a full fast. In fact, intermittent fasting is fairly simple when done correctly! Check out the video from NATURAL SOLUTIONS for more!

Is Fasted Cardio A Good Choice?

You probably have heard of the fat burning benefits of doing cardio on an empty stomach. Is there truth to it? I have never been a fan as I feel you need something for energy. It has happened before that I was wrong but check this out from THE HEALTH NERD to find out more!

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