The Best Desserts In Every State!

Okay, trying to sneak vegetables into your desserts may not work all the time. And I admit to having a weakness for decadent sweets. You know, those desserts that just knock you out! One thing I believe is you have to be balanced in what you eat so having a delicious, unhealthy dessert is fine as long as not all the time.

That said, work your way through the USA and enjoy some of the favorites from each state!

A few that made my list:

  1. Arkansas Possum pie
  2. Georgia Peach Cobbler
  3. Idaho Ice Cream potato
  4. Kentucky Bourbon Balls
  5. Mississippi Mud Pie
  6. Texas Pecan Pie
  7. West Virginia Shoofly Pie

I didn’t want to be a homer but Missouri Gooey Butter cake is a favorite anytime for me! I don’t know about you but I may just try each of the 50 states and see who has the best. Just remember to #eatthedamnsalad as well!

Check out the video from FOOD INSIDER!

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