Wear A Mask And Gloves AND Make Good Food Choices!

Easy now, this isn’t a political statement. And I am not trying to shame anyone for their choices. I simply want you to think about what is happening.

I have yet to wear a mask. You can dislike me, say I’m a bad person or do whatever else you need to do. And, I’m not trying to make a statement of any kind. It is interesting that everyone who says in pressers that we should wear masks, are NOT wearing them. What I have a problem with is people who say if you don’t wear a mask, or want things to open up again, you don’t care about others. That is incredibly insulting.

I think I am sympathetic when working with those who have weight issues and don’t make the best choices when it comes to food. With all the bad food choices out there, it is so difficult to make good decisions day in and day out. What I try to educate on is that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to gradually make good decisions and make those a part of everyday habits. This takes time but can be accomplished, and it won’t be easy!

I am treating this virus as a serious situation. Just because I don’t wear a mask does not mean I don’t believe we need to take precautions. The biggest thing I focus on is keeping my immune system functioning properly, however this isn’t done by wearing a mask and gloves. The only way we can truly help our immune system is by what we eat. At the same time, the food we eat can have a detrimental impact on that immune system. Sugar, for example, will suppress the immune system and leave you open to disease and illness. We need to understand this when making choices. When I walk through a grocery store, I am amazed at how many are decked out in gloves and masks, yet have junk food and alcohol in their carts. Yes, I do enjoy my beer, pizza and occasional sweets, however I do more on a daily basis with my eating habits to help that immune system function properly so that I can fight off disease and viruses. When you have poor eating habits, those gloves and mask won’t do a thing!

I realize during all this you have to do what makes you feel the most comfortable and ease anxiety. Wear your gloves and masks but at the same time, do what you need to do to help your immune system!

Until next time…

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