Health Benefits Of Red Walnuts!

You most likely have had walnuts and know they are a great source of healthy fats. Red walnuts are a variety that are often overlooked and add some additional benefits over the regular. They are heavy in calories so make sure to consume in moderation. Good source of Vitamin E, B-vitamins, magnesium, iron, maganese andContinue reading “Health Benefits Of Red Walnuts!”

Shia LeBeouf Converts To Catholicism. Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner Has A Future!

In an interview with the Christian outlet ALETEIA, Shia LeBeouf opens up about his troubles, finding God, and having hope. Shia LeBeouf is no stranger to troubled times. Hollywood seems to have a not-so-positive influence on most who pursue the celebrity lifestyle. Yes, there are many good people in Hollywood, however, there are countless veryContinue reading “Shia LeBeouf Converts To Catholicism. Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner Has A Future!”

So Many Benefits Of POPPY SEEDS!

Poppy gets a bad rap when you are going to have a drug test but they do offer many health benefits!! You can use the seeds and the oils for the following! May contain pain relieving compounds. May boost heart and skin health. Can be a sleep aid. Bone strength. Improves cardiovascular health. Improves cognitiveContinue reading “So Many Benefits Of POPPY SEEDS!”

Share The Road!!

That is the mantra of bicyclist. Unfortunately for many of those riders (some I happened to meet this morning) those in cars should respect their right to be on the road but they don’t have to follow the rules. Or pick and choose when they apply. As I do most mornings, I was heading toContinue reading “Share The Road!!”

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction!

Good Morning! When it come to health and wellness, mindfulness is one of those incredibly important areas that gets overlooked. Mindfulness is a tool to help reduce stress and find a rest – in this moment. This moment is where we can learn to take good care of ourselves, and ultimately enjoy life. We findContinue reading “Mindfulness for Stress Reduction!”

Eat The Damn Salad Wecomes MEG KREJCI!

At Eat The Damn Salad, we want to offer you a full spectrum of health and wellness avenues. As Meg says, we have been friends for a long time and she brings the mindfulness piece of the puzzle that I have learned from her! I would like to introduce myself. I have been friends withContinue reading “Eat The Damn Salad Wecomes MEG KREJCI!”

Have An Apple A Day!

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away…but why is that? high in fiber and water may lead to weight loss. could be good for your heart. linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes. may promote gut health. might help prevent cancer. could help fight asthma. There is such a wide varietyContinue reading “Have An Apple A Day!”

“Climate Change” Affects Childhood Obesity, “Experts” Say!

From The New York Post “CBS Mornings” pushed a recent study connecting climate change and hotter temperatures with childhood obesity rates. Climate change, specifically warmer temperatures is making our children more inactive and more obese. The study found that children were 30% less “aerobically fit” than their parents and claimed hotter temperatures were preventing kidsContinue reading ““Climate Change” Affects Childhood Obesity, “Experts” Say!”

Fired Football Coach Files $25 Million Lawsuit.

So many were forced out of their jobs for not getting the jab. Nick Rolovich, former Washington State football coach, was among those and he is punching back! From NOT THE BEE Nearly a year after the enforcement of Washington’s insane vaccine mandate resulted in the school forcing him out, Rolovich is suing the schoolContinue reading “Fired Football Coach Files $25 Million Lawsuit.”

Take In The Benefits Of Nature!

Get outside and you can almost guarantee your mental wellbeing will improve. Check out 7 health benefits of getting back to nature. Better breathing. Indoor concentrations of pollutants are often higher than outdoor. Improve sleep. Sun light affects your circadian rhythm more than electric light. Reduce depression symptoms. Sunlight can lessen depression symptoms. Mental restoration.Continue reading “Take In The Benefits Of Nature!”

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