Fired Football Coach Files $25 Million Lawsuit.

So many were forced out of their jobs for not getting the jab. Nick Rolovich, former Washington State football coach, was among those and he is punching back!


Nearly a year after the enforcement of Washington’s insane vaccine mandate resulted in the school forcing him out, Rolovich is suing the school for wrongful termination

This is not going to end well for many businesses, schools, hospitals, you name it. And it shouldn’t end well! Especially since the new CDC guidelines for exposure and positive tests for covid basically say take caution but no quarantine whether or not you are vaccinated.

Health and wellness is at the forefront at EATTHEDAMNSALAD however what we saw in the name of health in wellness the past 2 years was absurd. We had the “vaccine” available if you wanted it but making it mandatory crossed the line and this is probably the beginning.

The state of Washington and its thoroughly unstable governor Jay Inslee has gone the furthest of any state in forcing people to get the Fauci ouchie to keep their job.

They wouldn’t even respect a claim of religious exemption which they have no right to question.

Thankfully, someone is fighting back and attempting to get retribution for these insane policies.

IMHO, if they won’t mandate healthy eating and basic exercise, don’t mandate an experimental shot!

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