Take In The Benefits Of Nature!

Get outside and you can almost guarantee your mental wellbeing will improve. Check out 7 health benefits of getting back to nature.

  1. Better breathing. Indoor concentrations of pollutants are often higher than outdoor.
  2. Improve sleep. Sun light affects your circadian rhythm more than electric light.
  3. Reduce depression symptoms. Sunlight can lessen depression symptoms.
  4. Mental restoration. We need a break from all the stimulation from computer screens and phones.
  5. Boost Immune functions. Fresh air circulation can dilute the presences of viruses in the air.
  6. Protection from short-sightedness. Research shows those who spend more time outside have less chance of developing myopia.
  7. Improve emotional well-being.

Getting outside is great for physical activity and can also be amazing for our mental health!

Check out the video from NATURAL WAYS!

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