Eat The Damn Salad Wecomes MEG KREJCI!

At Eat The Damn Salad, we want to offer you a full spectrum of health and wellness avenues. As Meg says, we have been friends for a long time and she brings the mindfulness piece of the puzzle that I have learned from her!

I would like to introduce myself. I have been friends with Jeff for a number of years, and we have worked together on our wellness goals. I love to eat the damn salad, and I enjoy discovering that still quiet space that supports a sense of peace & well-being, inside and outside. My intention is to helping others on this journey, and, I look forward offering these tools here, along with Jeff.

Here is my Bio: Meg comes from a background in Accounting, Manage Information Systems, and International Business.  As a result of life stresses, she sought out training in mindfulness through Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the Center for Mindfulness – UMass Medical School. Inspired by her experience, Meg founded and directs Masterpeace Studios; a nonprofit organization servicing the St. Louis and Midwest region teaching skills of mindfulness for health and well-being. For over 20 years, Meg has been guiding individuals of all ages in stress reduction strategies in numerous sectors including education, healthcare, and corporate. In 2016, Meg joined Washington University in St. Louis as a Mindfulness Consultant.  There she offers the Move into Mindfulness program which is modeled on this evidenced-based curriculum. Meg is passionate about sharing the benefits of practicing mindfulness to help individuals and teams reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and mental well-being, and achieve greater adaptability and appreciation in life.

Check out MASTERPEACE STUDIOS here! Or contact Meg at

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