Mindfulness for Stress Reduction!

Good Morning! When it come to health and wellness, mindfulness is one of those incredibly important areas that gets overlooked. Mindfulness is a tool to help reduce stress and find a rest – in this moment. This moment is where we can learn to take good care of ourselves, and ultimately enjoy life. We findContinue reading “Mindfulness for Stress Reduction!”

Eat The Damn Salad Wecomes MEG KREJCI!

At Eat The Damn Salad, we want to offer you a full spectrum of health and wellness avenues. As Meg says, we have been friends for a long time and she brings the mindfulness piece of the puzzle that I have learned from her! I would like to introduce myself. I have been friends withContinue reading “Eat The Damn Salad Wecomes MEG KREJCI!”

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