Shia LeBeouf Converts To Catholicism. Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner Has A Future!

In an interview with the Christian outlet ALETEIA, Shia LeBeouf opens up about his troubles, finding God, and having hope.

Shia LeBeouf is no stranger to troubled times. Hollywood seems to have a not-so-positive influence on most who pursue the celebrity lifestyle. Yes, there are many good people in Hollywood, however, there are countless very sad stories from people who get caught up in bad situations.

In the Catholic church, if you were to talk to a priest who performs exorcisms, they probably would tell you stories of conversions to Catholicism. Most of those are people who don’t have faith in any religion or don’t believe in good and evil. When they are exposed to demonic possession and see true evil, they believe and crave God in their life.

Shia LeBeouf wasn’t involved in an exorcism but he was preparing for a role as Padre Pio, who is a great Saint in the Church.

In some positive news from Hollywood, the actor Shia LaBeouf has converted to Catholicism after studying for his lead role in the upcoming Padre Pio movie. It might not come as surprise to many, considering the Italian saint is a pretty powerful intercessor.

St. Pio is known for his strong faith from a very young age and having the Stigmata, or marks of the crucified Jesus.

As he was preparing for the role, he admits to being in a very dark place because of personal issues.

I had a gun on the table. I was outta here. I didn’t want to be alive anymore when all this happened. Shame like I had never experienced before — the kind of shame that you forget how to breathe. You don’t know where to go. You can’t go outside and get like, a taco. But I was also in this deep desire to hold on.

One thing that drew LeBeouf to the Christian “approach to repentance” was seeing God’s far-reaching mercy.

seeing other people who have sinned beyond anything I could ever conceptualize also being found in Christ that made me feel like, ‘Oh, that gives me hope,’”

As a lifelong Catholic, my faith that God is always there was instilled at a young age. As I have gotten older, there are countless stories like Shia LeBeouf’s that show there is a higher power drawing all of us to that mercy, not just those who seem to have that strong belief. In fact, God is there for the most troubled!

“Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future”

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