I’m Doing This For Me, Not You!

I can’t stand all the virtue signaling that goes on. So many people hate wearing a mask but are doing it for others. That’s how much they care! And they are getting the shot to protect those around them. Enough already!!

I dove into fitness at a fairly young age for pure vanity. I was skinny and wanted to get some muscle to impress the ladies, so I started lifting weights. You’re welcome ladies!! As the years have gone by, my reasons for exercise have changed and my diet has changed drastically. Sure, I still want to keep excess weight off and keeping some muscle tone is important to me, especially in the summer. However, I like the way I feel when I finish a walk or jog. Swimming laps does wonders for my back and shoulders. When I have a chance to get on my bike, there is nothing better for my legs and cardio. Add to this my change in diet, which has so many fruits and vegetables. I have much more energy along with keeping my weight under control. And the health benefits from this way of life is incredible!

I could very easily make a case that I am doing this for everyone around me. The biggest argument would be that I’m doing my part to stay healthy and keep the cost of healthcare down. Sure, there is no guarantee, but taking healthy measures on a daily basis certainly puts me in a better position to fight off disease. I COULD say that, but I won’t. To be honest, I’m not thinking about anyone else but me when I am doing all these things. Yes, I post to social media when I’m at a park in the hopes of motivating others to get active. There are so many beautiful parks out there to visit! And I know that if more people would implement walking and a small change in diet, they could fight off viruses better. And I have this blog, #eatthedamnsalad, where you can see how different foods affect your health. However, I have never been mad at anyone for not doing what I do.

If you feel safer for you when you wear a mask, have at it! You want to get the vaccine to protect yourself from a virus? More power to you! Again, if you feel safer go for it. Just don’t tell me you are doing it for my benefit. Yeah, there may be specific reasons to wear a mask when you are around someone with health issues but that would be using common sense. Just quit the virtue signaling!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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