Is This Really Just Like Smallpox And Polio?

I have read several times from various “health experts” (one you all know) that this health crisis, and taking the vaccine, is just like polio and small pox and if we had the push back then as we do now, well, these things would not be gone. My question is, is it really the same? And why do we allow these experts to get away with the comparison without simple questions?

As with so many interviews, it all depends on who is asking the questions. At one time, journalist were inquisitive and wanted to get to the truth. From Christina Laila, of The Gateway Pundit, Dr Fauci is interviewed by CNNs Jim Acosta and makes the claim:

If you look at the extraordinary historic success in eradicating small pox, and eliminating polio from most of the world, and we’re on the brink of eradicating polio. If we had had the pushback for vaccines the way we are seeing on certain media, I don’t think it would have been possible at all to not only eradicate small pox, we probably would still have small pox, we would probably still have polio in this country.

Now, I’m not a doctor, nor am I an extraordinary journalist. I freely admit that. I am a simple guy who just wants to get the facts straight while having a salad and going for a walk. That being said, I would have followed up with some questions.

  1. Were we suppose to be getting a booster on a yearly basis for small pox and polio? If so, I have missed them for the past 50 plus years.
  2. Has there been a variant for both of the above that I am not aware of?
  3. How much testing did those vaccines go through before being used widespread?
  4. If we were to go back in time to when they started using the polio vaccine, what was said about it?
  5. Are we comparing apples to apples?
  6. Speaking of apples, should we be eating healthier and exercising more? Would this help us fight off viruses?
  7. Why are you not recommending that as much as wearing a mask and getting vaccinated?

Is there a lot of bad information out there? Absolutely, but to act as if it is all coming from one side is absurd. My problem is that there isn’t nearly enough focus on a healthy lifestyle. Let me clarify that. THERE ISN’T ANY FOCUS ON A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! There has not been one time, in any press conference, that a “leader” has mentioned that we need to do better for ourselves. Everything is around getting a shot and wearing a mask. This is unacceptable as there is plenty of research showing a diet rich in whole food and getting minimal exercise can help our immune system, and isn’t this what it is all about?

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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