Did You Get Your Information From The Internet? Must Be True!!!

I’m sure everyone, at this point, has had a conversation similar to the one I had at the pool. It seems you can’t go anywhere without someone bringing up the virus and what they heard to be “true”. Let’s face it, no matter what you believe about the virus and vaccine, there is a lot of bad information all the way around! Here is a brief transcript of the way it went and I have changed the name to protect the innocent.

AQUAMAN: I heard there are 1000 new cases of the variant every hour in the US.

ME: Wow! Where did you hear that from?

AQUAMAN: A friend of mine told me.

ME: Where did they get that info from?

AQUAMAN: I’m not sure. They said it was on the internet.

ME: Did they have symptoms? Were they in the hospital?

AQUAMAN: I don’t know. But they did know that all of them were unvaccinated.

ME: Really? I’ve heard that even vaccinated people are testing positive.

AQUAMAN: Yeah, that’s true. I was talking to another friend from a small town, 700 people, and 86 tested positive.

ME: What town is that?

AQUAMAN: Not sure.

Let me just say that Aquaman didn’t mean to mislead. I think it is easy to hear something and just go “WOW” without asking any follow up questions. However, I would also say that most “facts” on social media, and the internet in general, are just that, “facts”. It is interesting how the fact-checkers work as well. IMHO, they miss so much that is right in front of their nose!

I don’t think everyone has to believe what I have to say (although it would make my life a lot easier if that were to happen). My suggestion is to keep asking questions. Isn’t that what we are taught at a young age if you want to get to the truth? Journalist used to do this. Listen to a little Bill Conti to get motivated!

Until next time…

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