Foods That Can Protect The Brain!

The Neuro-nine! We need to protect the brain and food will do just that! Check out this from PLANT BASED SCIENCE LONDON to find the list!

Blueberries For The Win!

There are many health benefits of blueberries, one seems to be for the brain! My dad has blueberries everyday and is the smartest person I know so there HAS to be truth to this. I also think there should be a mandatory intake of blueberries by all of our politicians!! Check out the video fromContinue reading “Blueberries For The Win!”

Alcohol And Brain Health Don’t Mix!

Yes, there are many studies that say light to moderate drinking of alcohol can have benefits to heart health. The key is to keep it to light/moderate! The same may not be true when it comes to brain health and cancer. As Daniel Amen, MD writes “A 43-year study of more than 12,000 people, moderate to heavyContinue reading “Alcohol And Brain Health Don’t Mix!”

What Happens When You Stop Drinking Coffee?

I know, this is an absolutely ridiculous thought! I love my coffee HOWEVER, I have always thought that if I feel so bad when I quit drinking it, what it is doing to me can’t be all good. I have shared the benefits in the past but I do have to be fair! Check outContinue reading “What Happens When You Stop Drinking Coffee?”

Mental Health Is Talked About More Now Than Ever!

Mental and physical health are so important. There are many stresses that can be a challenge to our daily lives and how we handle that stress is very important! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Exercises To Improve Brain Function and Memory!

Brain health is a hot topic right now! You can exercise your brain in much the same way you do the rest of your body, you just have to do it! There are some things you hear on a regular basis but some of these are new to me! Check out the video from BRIGHTContinue reading “Exercises To Improve Brain Function and Memory!”

Foods That Can Actually Make You Smarter!

What we put in our bodies helps in so many ways, including brain health! Feeding the brain is important too. I will be sending this off to our politicians and I encourage all you to do the same!! 😁 Check out what WAYSANDHOW has to say!

What Can We Do To Prevent Alzheimer’s?

ALZHEIMER’S is a topic that, unfortunately, we all know someone who is suffering from this disease. As with so many other preventive measures, there is no guarantee but anything we can do to help disrupt the progression of this horrible disease we should do! Check this video from HEALTHY CURES!

Nutrients Vital For BRAIN & Cognition!

Brain health is a hot topic as we get older. What we do now plays a big role in brain function when we age. Again, nothing is absolute, but every bit helps! Check out the info from HEALTHY LIFESTYLE in the video!

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