Companies Are Helping To Keep Employees Healthy?

When I heard this, I was hoping to hear how this company was catering healthy lunches for their employees. Lunches consisting of fruit and vegetable salads, good protein and water. I wanted to hear that they were offering incentives if they hit the gym on a daily basis, or in the case now, will reimburse employees if they purchase home equipment. I was hoping they would say they brought in professionals to talk about simple changes to make in their daily routine to boost their immune system.

“We have informed our employees they can earn gift cards to Fresh Thyme markets for every 10,000 steps they take a week. The more steps, the more $! We are also providing them with fresh fruit for snacks. We will still leave the vending machines as they are welcome to purchase candy, however the fresh fruit will be free. We want our employees to help themselves to be in the best position to fight off illness in any form!”

Unfortunately, I heard those words and then woke up from dreaming. The way they were going to keep employees “healthy” was to provide masks and hand sanitizer, as well as taking their temperature daily. AMAZING!!

I believe 2020 will go down in history books as a game changer in the health of many. I see people on a daily basis who are looking for alternative ways to be healthy, and those are the best ways! Yes, we do need to wash our hands but if we aren’t doing the best for our bodies from the inside, everything else doesn’t matter!

Until next time…

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