What Are The Best Days To Take Your Kids To The Playground?

I was doing my normal morning walk at the park and saw the park employees spraying down the swings and other playground equipment so the kids are safe from the virus. I walked past one guy who was sitting down and doing something on his phone while two others did the work so I knew this individual was the leader :). He said two things that I thought were very interesting. One, they sanitize the equipment on Monday and Thursday, and two, they will stop cleaning at the end of October.

While everyone wants to talk about following science, I’m sure there is scientific research that led to Monday and Thursday being the two most important days to sanitize the equipment. I’m sure that same research shows that Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are safe from the virus. And while most viruses don’t like heat and flourish in the cold, this one obviously likes the cold since there is no need to sanitize after October. And OBVIOUSLY science shows that only the playground equipment could transfer the virus while the benches positioned throughout the park where people sit everyday, will not be subjected to it because they are not sanitized. Very interesting!

OK, I don’t want to come off as completely ignorant so I hope you understand the sarcasm. And I certainly don’t blame the park employees as they are just doing what they have to do in order for the kids to be able to use that equipment, so I thank them for that! However, it is easy to see why so many are upset, frustrated, aggravated, pissed off at the leadership because there is no rhyme or reason to any of this. I understand questioning why we are wearing masks and going through hand sanitizer like crazy. I get why people are demanding the kids get back in school because that is the best place to learn. I also understand people who wonder why the only time the news reports an “outbreak” is when there is a social, religious or sports gathering, not when there is a riot/protest.

It seems to me that common sense has been lost during this crazy time, however, I do think as time has gone by, and people realize we lost the spring and summer of 2020, and all the fun family time that goes with it, that same lost common sense is quickly coming back. I also believe people are going to be more diligent on who we put to positions of power in this country…at least I hope so!

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