“Climate Change” Affects Childhood Obesity, “Experts” Say!

From The New York Post “CBS Mornings” pushed a recent study connecting climate change and hotter temperatures with childhood obesity rates. Climate change, specifically warmer temperatures is making our children more inactive and more obese. The study found that children were 30% less “aerobically fit” than their parents and claimed hotter temperatures were preventing kidsContinue reading ““Climate Change” Affects Childhood Obesity, “Experts” Say!”

Take In The Benefits Of Nature!

Get outside and you can almost guarantee your mental wellbeing will improve. Check out 7 health benefits of getting back to nature. Better breathing. Indoor concentrations of pollutants are often higher than outdoor. Improve sleep. Sun light affects your circadian rhythm more than electric light. Reduce depression symptoms. Sunlight can lessen depression symptoms. Mental restoration.Continue reading “Take In The Benefits Of Nature!”


Have you heard of Prunella Vulgaris? It is also known as self-heal or heal-all and is in the same family as mint. Ancient claims are that Prunella Vulgaris can protect against diabetes and cancer. The best way to consume this is in the form of tea. When taken internally, it can help fight infection andContinue reading “Add PRUNELLA VULGARIS To Your Teas!”

There Is Help During And After A Pregnancy!

You probably know there is an ongoing battle in the overturning of Roe VS Wade. Actually, that battle has been going on for 50 years. This isn’t to spark an argument, but rather to bring to light the VAST services that are available to men and women who have an unplanned pregnancy. To be transparent,Continue reading “There Is Help During And After A Pregnancy!”

How To Monitor Your Health As You Age!

As we get older, it is important to monitor our health so we can enjoy those “golden years”. Living until a certain age is one thing. More importantly, in my opinion, is to have a good quality of life. Staying active and having a healthy diet are 2 big things to keep healthy. However, weContinue reading “How To Monitor Your Health As You Age!”

Cold Showers Are Causing Heart Attacks In Young Adults??

I don’t know if you have heard but many healthy young adults are developing heart issues, and some are suffering heart attacks from this. It is so sad to hear these stories and, unfortunately, no one can seem to figure all this out. If you did a google search a month ago for the benefitsContinue reading “Cold Showers Are Causing Heart Attacks In Young Adults??”

Cold Showers Offer Many Health Benefits!

I have written about cold showers in the past but it always helps to talk about them again. There are so many health benefits when you embrace the cold as it hits your body. Cold showers can help stimulate the immune system which is always a good thing! They can also help lower blood pressureContinue reading “Cold Showers Offer Many Health Benefits!”

So Many Benefits Of Eating Salad!

Of course salad is good for you. And, yes, I am eating a DAMN SALAD while writing this! Some are obvious, such as help you to control your caloric intake. Did you know that having a salad can help you sleep better? Of course it can! When you feed your body better food, other thingsContinue reading “So Many Benefits Of Eating Salad!”

Walk To Lose Weight!

Walking is a great way to get exercise, and most can do it. As with anything, you don’t want to fall into bad habits and not get the most from your workout. Post from MY FITNESS PAL 10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight  BY MARC LINDSAY A consistent walking routine can be anContinue reading “Walk To Lose Weight!”

Control Your Blood Pressure With These Vegetables!

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases and can affect people of all ages. HBP is one of the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Excessive salt consumption can lead to HBP so changing the diet is very important! Green leafy vegetables play a big role in controlling blood pressure and it is veryContinue reading “Control Your Blood Pressure With These Vegetables!”

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