How To Monitor Your Health As You Age!

As we get older, it is important to monitor our health so we can enjoy those “golden years”. Living until a certain age is one thing. More importantly, in my opinion, is to have a good quality of life. Staying active and having a healthy diet are 2 big things to keep healthy. However, we can also test to see where we are with our fitness.

According to Alex Janin of the Wall Street Journal, there are 5 simple tests to do on a regular basis.

1. One-legged standing test.
The average person under the age of 70 should be able to stand on one leg for 10 seconds at a time, says Claudio Gil Soares de Araújo, a sports and exercise physician in Rio de Janeiro.
2. Sit-to-stand test

The sit-to-stand test involves sitting in an armless chair and timing how long it takes you to stand up and sit back down. At home, a friend or loved one can time you. Sit in a chair with your arms crossed over your chest, then stand up while keeping them crossed, and sit back down five times. 

3. Push-up test

The number of push-ups you can do may provide useful feedback about your musculoskeletal health. A 2019 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that among men with an average age of 40, participants able to complete fewer than 10 push-ups (without long pauses) were at a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those on the upper end of the spectrum of endurance, who could do more than 40.

4. Six-minute walk test

In this test, measure how far you can power walk (not run, not stroll) in six minutes. If you don’t get farther than 350 meters, or about 1,150 feet, that could indicate other health issues, according to physicians.

5. Cognitive test

Cognitive health in midlife is an important predictor of health later on, neurologists say. It’s a good idea to get a baseline measurement around age 65 or earlier if you have a family history of cognitive decline or are noticing yourself forgetting something that used to be a no-brainer, such as paying bills.

Is see very fit people every day out for walks in the park and around the neighborhood. Daily habits lead to amazing health benefits. Stay alert to any changes that may happen and address them as you go. This can help you to keep from any setbacks.

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