Cold Showers Are Causing Heart Attacks In Young Adults??

I don’t know if you have heard but many healthy young adults are developing heart issues, and some are suffering heart attacks from this. It is so sad to hear these stories and, unfortunately, no one can seem to figure all this out.

If you did a google search a month ago for the benefits of cold showers, you would find many links to videos and studies that show how good they can be for you. Heck, at Eatthedamnsalad, we have written about it. I use a cold shower on a daily basis for many of the benefits. Cold showers and ice baths have been used by athletes for a LONG time to recover from hard workouts. There are many studies that show cold water will help your immune system, which is something we all could use. Now, I’m sure the caveat is that if you have heart issues, don’t jump into an ice bath or have the water at the coldest level. Just as if you have heart issues, don’t go out and run a marathon, start with a half-mile walk.

The reason I bring this up is if you google “cold shower” today, you are going to find that cold showers could be the cause of the rise in heart attacks in the youth. Interesting, as I’m sure our media will soon be jumping all over this and investigating cold showers as the main cause of all the heart problems. We may even see the leading health experts interviewed and warning us not to partake in this deadly habit! I’ll make the popcorn as I know this will be interesting.

For me, I will continue this daily habit as I know the benefits are incredible for my health.

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16 thoughts on “Cold Showers Are Causing Heart Attacks In Young Adults??

  1. you’re an idiot. the google results are full of benefits. i had to dig through news to find any article on this subject, and it was citing and referring (literally quoting) news on the same research from 2012, in particular cold immersion on hot summer days. it’s real observed research, it has nothing to do with the coronavirus or vaccine, and you’re just a clueless moron who likes to pretend they know anything about health while having the iq and research skills of a 12 year old. what a joke.

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