Take In The Benefits Of Nature!

Get outside and you can almost guarantee your mental wellbeing will improve. Check out 7 health benefits of getting back to nature. Better breathing. Indoor concentrations of pollutants are often higher than outdoor. Improve sleep. Sun light affects your circadian rhythm more than electric light. Reduce depression symptoms. Sunlight can lessen depression symptoms. Mental restoration.Continue reading “Take In The Benefits Of Nature!”


Have you heard of Prunella Vulgaris? It is also known as self-heal or heal-all and is in the same family as mint. Ancient claims are that Prunella Vulgaris can protect against diabetes and cancer. The best way to consume this is in the form of tea. When taken internally, it can help fight infection andContinue reading “Add PRUNELLA VULGARIS To Your Teas!”

Have You Heard Of The ASIAN DIET?

Not to add more confusion to the “diet” talk, the Asian Diet is coming to attention. While I don’t think there is any one perfect diet, when you look at the diets that are most effective they typically have common points. From Lauren Bedosky of Everyday Health The Asian diet is currently ranked 13 outContinue reading “Have You Heard Of The ASIAN DIET?”

Add GALANGAL To Your Health Food List!

Have you heard of GALANGAL? As far as roots spices go, ginger and turmeric are the most popular. However, GALANGAL is becoming more popular as research is showing how powerful it is. Galangal root is an antioxidant powerhouse. It is a rich source of polyphenols, plant compounds and flavonoids. Numerous studies have shown that galangalContinue reading “Add GALANGAL To Your Health Food List!”

Are You Showering Properly?

It isn’t rocket science but, apparently, there is a right way to shower. According to Emily Slawek of Yahoo news, while it isn’t life-threatening, how you shower can have a positive, or negative, effect on your skin and gives a few tips. Don’t shower too often. If you’re not active, you can cut back toContinue reading “Are You Showering Properly?”

Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise!

Exercise offers many physical benefits, which is probably the main reason most will start a program. However, the mental benefits can be just as great and, most of the time, we notice those mental benefits before reaching our physical goals. From HELP GUIDE, there are many areas of mental well-being we can use exercise onContinue reading “Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise!”

There Is Help During And After A Pregnancy!

You probably know there is an ongoing battle in the overturning of Roe VS Wade. Actually, that battle has been going on for 50 years. This isn’t to spark an argument, but rather to bring to light the VAST services that are available to men and women who have an unplanned pregnancy. To be transparent,Continue reading “There Is Help During And After A Pregnancy!”

How To Monitor Your Health As You Age!

As we get older, it is important to monitor our health so we can enjoy those “golden years”. Living until a certain age is one thing. More importantly, in my opinion, is to have a good quality of life. Staying active and having a healthy diet are 2 big things to keep healthy. However, weContinue reading “How To Monitor Your Health As You Age!”

Can We Slow, Or Prevent, Alzheimer’s?

Having an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be one of the scariest moments, whether it is for us or a loved one. While there is no guarantee that lifestyle habits can prevent Alzheimer’s, there is some pretty solid evidence that doing certain things can ward it off, or lessen the effects. From The Alzheimer’s Organization, prevention andContinue reading “Can We Slow, Or Prevent, Alzheimer’s?”

Do You Walk With Weights?

Post from MY FITNESS PAL Read This Before Walking With Weights  BY ASHLEY LAURETTA DECEMBER 17, 2021 17 COMMENTS SHARE IT: One of the biggest milestones in our first few years of life is learning how to walk. This activity becomes so habitual it is easy to forget that it is, in fact, exercise. The American HeartContinue reading “Do You Walk With Weights?”

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