Start You Day Off Burning Stomach Fat!

How we begin our day puts us in the direction the rest of the day will go. There are many hacks you can do that change the course of our gut! Do you begin your day with a glass of water? Are you getting enough sleep? Check out the video from BESTIE to find outContinue reading “Start You Day Off Burning Stomach Fat!”

Is There A Right Way To Drink Water?

I have been doing a lot of reading and watching videos on this subject as I tend to drink a lot of water. My experiment is to try to change how I am drinking and what amounts, as I am probably getting too much in my body. While water is necessary, we can overdo it!Continue reading “Is There A Right Way To Drink Water?”

No Water During Meals??

This is certainly something I have never heard, however what is talked about is very interesting. I am going to have to give it a try! This doesn’t diminish the importance of water during the day, just that our stomachs won’t function the same when digesting the meal. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES!

Drink Water On An Empty Stomach!

I heard from an older gentleman many years ago that one thing he does first thing when he gets up is has a big glass of water. I have been doing that myself ever since! Water on an empty stomach has many benefits. Check out the video below from LIVE HEALTHY LIFE to find outContinue reading “Drink Water On An Empty Stomach!”

Water, Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber.

What do each of these do for us? Why are each of these important for your health? Where do we get WATER, VITAMINS, MINERALS and FIBER from? Check out the video from HEALTH LITERACY for more! I would add to the calcium that green leafy vegetables are a great source!

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