Think If The World Spent 19 Months Pushing A Healthy Lifestyle.

Imagine, if you will, a world that spent 19 months focusing on health and wellness.

Yes, it sounds like an episode of The Twilight Zone. However, when you think about how we spent the last 19 months on unhealthy lifestyles in order to fight off a deadly virus, well, it really isn’t too crazy!

I won’t even start with “15 days to flatten the curve” because we all know that is BS, however let’s take a look at some things that could happen and what consequences, especially in the long run, they could have.

First is to shut down all fast food restaurants and make sure the gyms stay open. Be honest, no one is going to the Golden Arches for a salad (although I’m sure someone will say they do and LOVE their salads). I am willing to sacrifice that one person for the better health of the masses.

Take all advertisement for medicine off every media platform and replace it with information on whole food diets and what all the different foods will do for us. Throw in an ad for simple strength work and a walk everyday. Yes, I think medicine is very beneficial but we are only trying this for 19 months so lets give it a try.

Put limits on alcohol sales and eliminate all tobacco sales. I say limits on alcohol because I enjoy a bourbon or beer and, right now, I’m making the rules! Honestly, think about what a joke it has become this past year how much of an increase we all have been drinking!

Change the food that is served in schools…all schools from grade school through college. I know there are some schools that have tried this and make the claim that the healthy stuff isn’t purchased and goes to waste. Well, if the mentality my parents had when I was a kid was used, “this is what you get to eat”, I’m sure, eventually they would buy the healthy stuff! And there is a lot of evidence that kids will be able to focus better when eating healthy.

Give tax breaks to those who start a vegetable garden in their yard. And size matters so the bigger the garden, the bigger the tax break! AND if you are able to donate excess to food banks or elderly neighbors who may not be able to do a garden, guess what…bigger tax break!!

Stop the sale of all soda and energy drinks, especially in hospitals. While we are at it, only health food served in hospital cafeterias and for patients. After all, they are in the business of making people healthy correct?

Health insurance companies offer premium breaks for keeping a healthy weight, losing weight, eating healthy etc. Again, it is “health” insurance correct?

I’m sure there are so many other ideas that could be added but think of what might happen if this is tried! Sounds a little radical however I think what was tried last year is beyond radical. There is actual scientific data that will support what leading a healthy lifestyle can do. Was there any actual data for last years model? I’m not foolish to think that all disease would disappear simply with a healthy lifestyle. There are no guarantees in life and many who lead healthy lives end up with some sort of disease. That being said, I could almost guarantee that all disease would get to a more manageable level and when viruses come about, with everyone having a better functioning immune system, we wouldn’t have these “pandemics”, or the fear that the media puts out there. Again, nothing is perfect but why not give it a shot? Who would stand to lose if this actually works? Have you ever thought about that?

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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