A Banana A Day…

Many “health gurus” say to stay away from fruit such as bananas because of the sugar content. Like all food, too much of a good thing is too much. One or two bananas a day wouldn’t be too much and offer a lot of nutritional benefits such as potassium and vitamin C. Check out theContinue reading “A Banana A Day…”

Do You Have Bananas In Your Diet?

When I get up early for a bike ride, the first think I do is get a big glass of water and have a banana. I find that gives me the energy I need to get going! I also love a frozen banana with my chocolate Complete smoothie. What a great combo! There are soContinue reading “Do You Have Bananas In Your Diet?”

There Are Nutritional Benefits To Green Bananas!

I am on the side of ripe bananas! Freezing them when they are over ripe and using in smoothies is fantastic! However, I am always open to learning. There are many who would rather have green bananas and this is great news that we still get nutritional benefits from that! Check out the video fromContinue reading “There Are Nutritional Benefits To Green Bananas!”

The Nutritional Power Of Banana And Avocado!

Two of my favorites! Bananas and avocados are powerhouses for our health! Add bananas to smoothies and avocados to salads and sandwiches and watch what happens! Check out the video below from BESTIE for more info!

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