Another Natural Way To Fight Cough, Colds, Sore Throat and MORE!

As I have said many times, I would try something natural as opposed to just buying OTC so I know what goes in it! Some may work, some may not. Mallow syrup can help prevent respiratory diseases and boost your immunity! Both of those, with this deadly virus, is so important! Check out the videoContinue reading “Another Natural Way To Fight Cough, Colds, Sore Throat and MORE!”

Add Cranberries To Your Arsenal!

Yet another whole food packed with nutrition and medicinal benefits! They also give a good amount of fiber and anti-oxidants. They should be added to your diet more often than just Thanksgiving! Check out the video from FOODS4HEALTH for more!

Unclog Your Arteries Naturally!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men, women and most radicalized groups in the USA. One person dies every 36 seconds from heart disease! THIS needs to be addressed everyday and GUARANTEED other issues with go away! Check out the video from BESTIE for more!

Spices That Fight Arthritis And Knee Pain!

Most of us will have some form of arthritis at some point in life and knee pain can also happen. Food, obviously, helps with so many ailments and overall good health. Add a few spices to your diet if you have knee pain or arthritis and see what happens! Check out the video from NATURALContinue reading “Spices That Fight Arthritis And Knee Pain!”

Yes, Getting A New iPhone Is Like Getting Vaccinated!

I understand humor as well as mockery. I recently saw a great post put up about not getting the new iPhone 13 because it hasn’t been on the market long enough to know the dangers of using it. The idea was to mock those of us who (gasp) dare to question the vaccine efficacy andContinue reading “Yes, Getting A New iPhone Is Like Getting Vaccinated!”

Life, If You Are Living It, Is Dangerous!

I can’t take credit for this but I love the message! I admit, I’m not what you would call a “risk-taker”. I won’t be jumping out of a plane anytime soon. You won’t find me climbing the side of a cliff or hang gliding (is that still a thing?). I don’t think that doing thoseContinue reading “Life, If You Are Living It, Is Dangerous!”

Pineapple and Cucumber Can Relieve Joint Pain!

Pineapple contains bromelain that balances alkaline and acid levels in the stomach. Combining that with cucumber, that has strong detox power, you get a beneficial drink! Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!


It is easy to see where the conversation on the virus will go with someone when the words “I listen to science” comes out of their mouth. It is always muttered with an air of arrogance, as though there is only one science source to get information from. They seem to also think if “science”Continue reading “SCIENCE!”

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