Yes, Getting A New iPhone Is Like Getting Vaccinated!

I understand humor as well as mockery. I recently saw a great post put up about not getting the new iPhone 13 because it hasn’t been on the market long enough to know the dangers of using it. The idea was to mock those of us who (gasp) dare to question the vaccine efficacy and safety. I just love those people who are superior with their knowledge and education( I also know sarcasm).

Just to make sure I understand those intellectual giants, here is what is being compared.

If I purchase the iPhone and it doesn’t work the way I want it to, or if it doesn’t work at all the way I was told it would, I can return it. If I do purchase one and others decide that they don’t want one, the functionality of my phone doesn’t change. In other words, my phone will work even if someone else doesn’t get one. If normal usage of the phone affects my health in any way, the maker of the phone would be held responsible. AND if there were many instances of people being hurt by normal usage of the phone, said phone would be pulled from the market.

On the other hand is the vaccine. If I take the vaccine and it doesn’t work the way I was told it would work, I’m stuck with it. For some odd reason, this vaccine will only work if EVERYONE gets it. If you get a side effect, or if many people get side effects, the government pushes a mandate that everyone should get the shot AND they will tell you it is completely safe. SCIENCE! And don’t think for a minute anyone will be held responsible for harmful side effects.

This is just another nonsense comparison around this virus and vaccine from those who try to be clever. Emphasis on try.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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