Your Anger Is Misdirected!

To say we are living in crazy times is an understatement!

Since we are looking at new mask mandates in St. Louis, social media has been on fire as people point fingers at those they think are responsible…mostly at the unvaccinated. I really do understand your anger however please direct it at the right people!

I bet that MOST of the vaccinated got the shot for protection from the virus. At least that is what I understood to be the reason for the shot. Recently, that narrative changed to it really isn’t going to completely protect you but you are getting it for everyone around you. Why should we be surprised at the change? This is what we have grown accustomed to over the last 19 months. Remember when we only needed 14 days to flatten the curve? How about the “masks don’t work/masks work/masks don’t work again”? We were told we can’t get a haircut unless, of course, you are a politician. Think you can go to a restaurant with friends? Think again unless you are a politician. If you get on a plane you must wear a mask unless, you know it, you are a politician. How many times will we see this happen with politicians until we ALL wake up? We even had medicine that could have been used last year but was deemed so dangerous it may kill you even though it has been used for decades, but this year it is okay. And isn’t it strange this is a deadly virus but it won’t be extremely deadly until Monday when the mandate takes place?


There are so many things about this that are causing friends and family members to be at odds, and most of the issues come from politicians who want to keep us there. Many have said this isn’t political, and they may be correct. However, I think that all voters really want the same thing, whether they identify as republican, democrat or independent. We want to be safe and, most likely, want to be able to do the things we have been doing. We want our kids in school, without masks, playing sports and having fun. If you feel safer with the vaccine and mask, have at it. I don’t judge that at all. The part that scares all the lifelong politicians is when we, the tax payers, start to work together and live with each others different points of view. That is when they lose control over us.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

3 thoughts on “Your Anger Is Misdirected!

  1. Thanks, Jeff. You nailed it, as usual. I’m vaccinated & done with masks. So sick of the mixed messages. Also, sick of not getting any follow-up from VAERS or CDC when I reported my serious “Adverse Event” following my 2nd dose of the vaccine.
    They don’t really want to know about adverse events. I have had to see my primary care doc, get an EKG, an Ultrasound of my one & only kidney & then see a cardiologist. I am now taking large doses of 2 blood pressure meds. Never had high blood pressure in my life until after 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine!


    1. So sorry you had those adverse effects Katie. You are right about the mixed messages and so forth. I know we are all tired of the games the govt plays.


      1. Thanks Jeff. I don’t know if this blood pressure problem is only temporary or will I be stuck with it the rest of my life. There is no Cardiovascular or kidney explanation for it, so it’s looking like it’s due to the vaccine. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ฅ


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