Can We Stop Telling Boys It’s Bad To Be Masculine?

I saw a typical anti-gun post calling for the end of any type of assault rifle. Sure, let’s have that conversation, but it was a response that brought about this post. And, in my opinion, is really the problem we are facing today.

Most gun violence is at the hands of men. Let’s require permission slips from their wives or mothers, and their psychiatrist. Also they must take a class on responsible gun ownership, and how to operate the specific gun type they are purchasing. The gun must be licensed and registered in their name. If it stolen and a crime is committed, they are responsible unless the person who committed the crime is found. And if a child accesses the gun… they are no longer ever allowed to purchase another. PS Women can do whatever they want. What did I miss?

First, when we are talking about school gun violence, it is at the hands of boys. Boys who, most likely, have been told from a young age they are bad simply because they are male. And probably have been told that by the woman who wrote this reply. And then to require a permission slip from their wife or mother…I can only imagine what this woman is married to.

As far as taking a class, most legal gun owners I know (I only know legal gun owners) take safety very seriously and learn how to use that weapon and keep it secured. And yes, it is registered and if used in a crime you can be help liable. Typical liberal lies in this.

However, the last sentence kills me.

Women can do whatever they want.

Is she really saying that women are perfect? Women do no wrong or kill? Girls don’t do damage to other girls during their formative years? This reply, IMHO, shows just how dangerous this woman is to any man…no, not just men, to any other person.

I’m tired of these shootings, just like everyone is. I’m also tired of hearing about all the shootings that take place every weekend in D run cities. I’m really tired of telling the boys that they are bad just because they are boys. That is the problem and needs to be addressed.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

Great Benefits Even If You Aren’t Vegan!

“The building blocks of our bodies come from the food we eat”

Being more mindful of what we eat can have great benefits, even if we are eating some meats, such as chicken and fish. It doesn’t have to be perfect and is shown in the video from PLANT BASED SCIENCE LONDON so check it out!

Save Your Heart!

Keeping you heart strong is directly related to a healthy diet! Some foods, such as apples and grapes, are obvious and you probably get them on a regular basis. Did you know the leaves of olive trees are powerful?

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Let’s Not Just Talk About Guns!

Facebook is buzzing with everyone trying to outdo the next person as to who is more upset by the tragic event in Texas. I think it is safe to say that everyone is heartbroken, even though I have read many times that gun owners don’t care and are to blame. And I am tired of hearing “we need to do more” without anyone saying what “do more” means. Yes, let’s talk about guns, but let’s talk about everything else as well.

I would love to know the number of kids, grade school through high school, that were on some kind of medication 20-30 years ago compared to 10 years ago until the present day. Not just how many, but why is that increase so great. While I have said many times we need meds, we shouldn’t be relying on them the way we do today.

Schools need to take down any signs they have hanging in the hallways about anti-bullying because, guess what, it just doesn’t work. Every school makes the claim that bullying does not happen on their campus. Why, then, whenever a tragedy like this happens, one of the first things we hear is they were bullied? Are the schools failing in this or is it just impossible to handle?

Parents, teach your kids, especially boys, how to deal with bullies without thinking they have to get a gun and shoot innocent people. Bullies have been around forever and we were always taught to stand up to them and stand up for ourselves. It isn’t easy but it works. Unfortunately, boys now are taught at a young age that masculinity is toxic. Wrong! Masculinity is good and necessary. If you don’t learn early on that you will have to deal with mean people in every aspect of life, you will have a miserable life. Yes, standing up to bullies in the workplace is different than standing up to them in high school. If taught properly, a man learns what force is needed and when. And even though you don’t hear girls doing these things they should also know that it is ok to stand up to the “mean girls”. Girls at that age are brutal and it is ok to fight back.

Lastly, we have gun laws in place that are very sensible. I’m tired of hearing from politicians who have armed security, saying we have to give up guns. Same from athletes and Hollywood elites who also bask in the security of a firearm. Here is an idea. Let’s take some of the money (if not all of it) that we send to other countries to defend their children and hire armed security for all schools. Is that too difficult to make happen? Are the children here not worth our tax payer money? This should be an easy decision.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad #protectchildren

Kefir To Help You Sleep!

Kefir is similar to yogurt, but much better in that it has many more different microbes than yogurt. Your gut microbes make Serotonin and Melatonin, which are feel good hormones. When we have more of this, we have less stress and can lead to better sleep!

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What Is Going On With Our Parks??

I love getting to the parks, taking in nature, and getting some much-needed exercise and stress reduction. It was tough back in the days of “the great pandemic” when some parks and trails were closed, as the science was settled that exercise wasn’t important to our health and immune system. This year has shown a very strange happening at many parks in the St. Louis area. It begs the question…is it a worker shortage or are they just letting the parks go? Either way, it is a shame.

I get to Forest Park a couple times a week and this year the grass, which is normally kept at a manageable height, is completely out of control (see pics). Maybe they are trying to give us the feel of what pioneer folks did as they made it across the country. Where it is partially cut, there are piles of grass that make it a challenge to get through. The shame with this park is there are so many attractions, such as The Muny, museums and golf courses that keeping it looking great was a priority. Now, I know it is early in the season, however when you get to parks on a regular basis and see how they are kept up, this stands out. And it isn’t just Forest Park as I have driven past a few to see the same thing. Could running a riding mower over grass be another casualty of the insane gas prices? Is manual labor below some who are out of work? The conspiracy theorist in me thinks there is more to this. And as we have learned, yesterdays conspiracies are tomorrows truths!

The one park I frequent that is kept immaculate, and for good reason, is Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary and Park. If it gets to the point where those who have served our country don’t have a beautiful place to rest, there will be trouble!!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly!

Bees play such an important role for so many reasons, and ROYAL JELLY is another!

Did you know that royal jelly can help improve cognitive function? It is rich in amino acids which is vital to brain function.So many are concerned about this today. It can also aid in our energy levels!

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A Morning Walk Does Wonders!

We have all heard that you need to get your day started with a healthy breakfast. I would suggest before that breakfast, get out for a walk to get your day off right!

Did you know that going for a walk can boost your immune system? You would think the health leaders would be encouraging us to go for walks, or at least wouldn’t be closing the gyms and parks during a “pandemic”.

If you start your day with a walk it can help you to make better health decisions all day long!

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Eat Blackberries Every Day For These Benefits!

Did you know that a serving of blackberries is only about 10? That almost seems too easy to do and get all the amazing healthy benefits! Blackberries were used for medicinal purposes and the leaves made tea. Funny how food was once considered medicine. I wonder what happened??

I had no idea that consuming blackberries can actually help with healthy teeth and gums. And people with gum disease have a 25% increase risk of heart attack. There are many more reasons to have blackberries!

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Worst Drinks That Dissolve Tooth Enamel!

While our tooth enamel is very tough, what we drink can have a detrimental effect over years. The more acidic the liquid, the more damage can be done. While there are things you can do, such as rinse your mouth after drinking acidic drinks, there are some you should avoid.

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