Can We Stop Telling Boys It’s Bad To Be Masculine?

I saw a typical anti-gun post calling for the end of any type of assault rifle. Sure, let’s have that conversation, but it was a response that brought about this post. And, in my opinion, is really the problem we are facing today.

Most gun violence is at the hands of men. Let’s require permission slips from their wives or mothers, and their psychiatrist. Also they must take a class on responsible gun ownership, and how to operate the specific gun type they are purchasing. The gun must be licensed and registered in their name. If it stolen and a crime is committed, they are responsible unless the person who committed the crime is found. And if a child accesses the gun… they are no longer ever allowed to purchase another. PS Women can do whatever they want. What did I miss?

First, when we are talking about school gun violence, it is at the hands of boys. Boys who, most likely, have been told from a young age they are bad simply because they are male. And probably have been told that by the woman who wrote this reply. And then to require a permission slip from their wife or mother…I can only imagine what this woman is married to.

As far as taking a class, most legal gun owners I know (I only know legal gun owners) take safety very seriously and learn how to use that weapon and keep it secured. And yes, it is registered and if used in a crime you can be help liable. Typical liberal lies in this.

However, the last sentence kills me.

Women can do whatever they want.

Is she really saying that women are perfect? Women do no wrong or kill? Girls don’t do damage to other girls during their formative years? This reply, IMHO, shows just how dangerous this woman is to any man…no, not just men, to any other person.

I’m tired of these shootings, just like everyone is. I’m also tired of hearing about all the shootings that take place every weekend in D run cities. I’m really tired of telling the boys that they are bad just because they are boys. That is the problem and needs to be addressed.

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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