Try These Natural Painkillers!

If you are like me, you don’t want to take anything synthetic, even if you are in pain! Now, it doesn’t mean I never do, I just try natural remedies first. Peppermint oil and turmeric are 2 powerful alternatives to OTC meds that you may want to check out! Watch the video from BESTIE forContinue reading “Try These Natural Painkillers!”

Sauerkraut Has Amazing Health Benefits!

Fermented foods have a great impact on gut health. Sauerkraut can be added to many different diets, which makes it beneficial to all! Packed with nutrition, it is also low in calories. Check out the video from FOODS4HEALTH for more!

You Can Have All Day Energy!

Your energy comes from a number of different things. “Energy” drinks are all the rage but are they really helpful? Do you use coffee as a boost? How much you drink of it and when play a big role! Check out the video from NATURAL SOLUTION for more!

Why Is The NFL Changing Covid Testing Protocols?

Here we go. Another lesson on how to manage the narrative of a virus and “vaccine”. A vast majority of professional athletes have been “vaccinated”. I’m sure some took the shot because they truly thought it would offer protection against the virus and some took it to get back to playing their sport. Whatever theContinue reading “Why Is The NFL Changing Covid Testing Protocols?”

Food Can Help With Your Hangover!

You may ask why this post! Well, tis the season to indulge, and alcohol may be one of those things you indulge in. You can go the junk food route the next day and just add to the bad choices, or eat food that is a better choice for your health AND can help withContinue reading “Food Can Help With Your Hangover!”

Passions Fruit Tea Can Calm Anxiety And Help You Sleep Better!

Anxiety is something so many suffer from today! I have found that tea is a great way to get good nutrients into the body. Passion fruit can help with sleep, which can help overcome anxiety as well as so many other things. Check out the video from NATURAL CURES for more!

Saline Spray Could Help Against Covid!!

One has to wonder if our “health experts” will take a look at this as it “works as a prophylaxis to reduce the dissemination of the virus in the infected body”. This could be yet another way to reduce severity. Great news! Did you know that the nose lining tissue acts as a primary defenseContinue reading “Saline Spray Could Help Against Covid!!”

The Message On Masks Is NOT Clear!

It’s a shame the mask message has become political and such a hot button topic but there is no turning back now. As “mask mandates” have been put forth across the country in businesses and schools, the message of are they effective, AND what else should we be doing, is so unclear that it almostContinue reading “The Message On Masks Is NOT Clear!”

You Can Still Celebrate Without Feeling Guilty!

If you are like me, you over-indulged on Thursday! I enjoyed every last bite of it!! Friday was the day to recover, have some leftovers, vow never to eat like that again…until the next feast. It is easy to feel guilty over eating a Thanksgiving meal, however the key is to get back to yourContinue reading “You Can Still Celebrate Without Feeling Guilty!”

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