You Can Still Celebrate Without Feeling Guilty!

If you are like me, you over-indulged on Thursday! I enjoyed every last bite of it!! Friday was the day to recover, have some leftovers, vow never to eat like that again…until the next feast. It is easy to feel guilty over eating a Thanksgiving meal, however the key is to get back to your healthy routine ASAP.

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with parties, cookies and so many other treats that can sometimes be too tempting to pass by. And on top of the Christmas celebrations we still have the normal life happenings such as birthdays that are filled with more cake, big meals and maybe a glass of wine! I know I wouldn’t want my birthday to pass without a party!

As I have said many times before, there are so many meals and snacks to make healthy between Thanksgiving and New Year. When you have parties with food that isn’t so healthy, you can still enjoy it without guilt. If today is one of those days and you know there will be a feast tonight, make your breakfast and lunch healthy. I would do a Complete plant protein drink for breakfast and possibly a wrap for lunch to ensure something good. Even having a snack can help curb what you will do for dinner. Then blow out the candles and enjoy knowing you made good choices early!

Life is about celebrations and enjoying those celebrations! It can be challenging to get into the habit of healthy food choices but once you get going it gets much easier. And next year at this time your parties won’t be such a big deal. At least the food part won’t be!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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