Honestly, How Much Do We Care About Our Health?

We are hearing all the time that we need to wear a mask, not just for our health but for the health of those around us. Makes sense right? Doctors, who are very smart, preach that this is the most important, and easiest, thing we can do, and we are doing it for others!! If you don’t wear a mask, well, you simply don’t care.

I wonder just how much we care about our health when there isn’t a “pandemic” going on and what we are doing on a daily basis to either combat the many viruses that are out there. Yes, there are many. A couple of things came up that made me think about this.

One is Halloween candy is out already! Now, I love Halloween and I love candy so I want to make sure I am perfectly clear about this. The problem I have with this is Halloween is a couple of months away and any candy that is bought today will NOT last until Oct. 31. We know that the immune system is suppressed with the intake of sugar. A compromised immune system opens us up to many different illnesses and vulnerability to viruses.

The second thing occurred as I was in a gas station making my purchase. The man in front of me was buying cigarettes. He wanted a carton and the cost of that was $65!! That is not a misprint! Now, he did not look like an amateur smoker so I’m thinking he goes through a couple of those a month. That is quite the expense! I hope I don’t have to get into how bad smoking is so I will just say don’t smoke!

I have always been an advocate that anyone can lead the life they want. If you don’t want to exercise and eat healthy, more power to you. Smoke em if you got em, that’s what I say. What you can’t do, IMHO, is demand things of others because you don’t want to take care of yourself. Now, I don’t know the cig buyer or anyone who would be purchasing the aforementioned candy so I can’t say one way or another what their beliefs are. However, I probably wouldn’t be over reaching if I said neither of those two groups are interested in being healthy. Being in the health and wellness industry for as long as I have, I can reasonably make that connection. It seems that there are many out there who don’t do simple things on a daily basis to improve their health. I’m not advocating elite athlete fitness here, just the simple stuff. We shouldn’t wait for a pandemic to all of a sudden want to be “healthy”! What are you doing today to make yourself healthier?

Until next time…

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