Russell Brand Has Taken The Red Pill!

It is interesting to see some of these Hollywood entertainers who are simply reading up on what is going on and learning something different than what the state-run media is feeding us. We watched Joe Rogan do the same and how there was a push to get him canceled, however, it was an epic failure!

Russell Brand is very similar in that, like Rogan, he started educating himself instead of just listening to the state-run media. As he says, we have been told to wear a mask, get the shot, keep 6 feet apart because we have to protect the vulnerable. However, there is stuff in food that will make the vulnerable, and everyone else, sick. This is ok because having those bad things in food is quite profitable. So we have to protect the vulnerable unless it makes a profit. Brand even came up with “profunerability” to perfectly describe what is going on.

Food is a necessity whether you are in the vulnerable category or not and if there are toxins in our foods that can make anyone sick, that doesn’t sound like a good thing. People like Brand and Rogan aren’t just making up what they are saying. They are educating themselves and passing that information along. The government hates an educated public and is doing its best to make any of this “dangerous disinformation”. That should scare everyone!

Until next time…#eatthedamnsalad

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