Am I Afraid Of The Virus?

It seems if you don’t wear a mask on a regular basis or (gasp) express your concern or reluctance to believe everything the media spouts, then you must not be afraid of the virus. I had this conversation with a person who was wearing a mask and gloves, and made sure we were at least 6 feet apart because I wasn’t wearing a mask. Oh, did I mention we were outside? There is also that bit of info.

I was asked why I am not afraid of the virus when it is shown to spread so easily and can be dangerous to anyone. I somehow gave the impression that I am not “afraid” of getting sick. Most likely I didn’t not give a great answer as I haven’t really thought about it, however I did take some time to gather my thoughts on the whole thing to come up with this.

I have been concerned about getting sick for many years now. I became involved with The Juice Plus company 17 years ago for the reason of making my health better. I flood my body every day with at least 30 fruits, vegetables and berries, as well as plant protein. That is just in capsules and protein powder, not counting the salads, fruit, protein and grains I eat for meals. I exercise daily, staying active to keep my weight under control so I don’t get the related issues of added weight, such as HBP or diabetes. I feel I don’t go overboard on exercise but I do like starting my day with a walk while saying my rosary (I also focus on my spiritual health), and adding in strength training, swimming, biking etc when it fits. I’ll admit that while I’m doing these things, I’m not constantly thinking that I’m doing it for my health. I do enjoy a good bike ride and taking in the sights. I love the parks and trails that get me close up to wildlife…not too close to wildlife though. 🙂 I wash my hands on a daily basis, although I have to laugh that we now tell people this is something good to do.

I do all these things because I am concerned about getting the virus, just as I am concerned about getting the flu during flu season. I know, this isn’t the flu but I have done all these things long before this virus reared its ugly head. I can say that yes, I am concerned about the virus but I choose not to be afraid of it. I refuse to be afraid of those around me and treat them as if they can kill me. I refuse to distance myself from those I love. I refuse to be told I am selfish because I want to live my life. I refuse to be afraid of something I have no control over. Concerned? Yes. Afraid? No.

Until next time…

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